To eat healthy or not to eat healthy, the choice is yours

“You are what you eat,” is a simple statement, but it is packed with great insight. This saying implies that a saturated fats loaded diet leads us to a fat-laden body. And if you snarf on beer and chips, you doom yourself a beer belly and chip hips.

So, give yourselves the luxury to reflect on what you eat every day, and why you choose the foods that you eat. I am sure your body will appreciate this in the long run. I have reflected on my diet many times, and I have found a few things that work for me. Maybe some of these tips will work for you. I want to share my top tips with you today.

Tip #1: Break the morning fast.
a. Many of you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it.
b. Breakfasts nourish our mind and body with energy
c. A healthy nourishing breakfast is an essential step to every healthy diet.
d. So fill up on a breakfast loaded with cereals, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables
e. I find my breakfasts immensely satisfying to the point where I have limited cravings for sweets throughout the day and even desserts after the evening

Tip #2: Don’t skip meals
a. A regularly scheduled meal helps us refueling our bodies constantly during the day
b. Eat three healthy meals and two small snacks – portion controlled, and packed with protein.
c. By eating regular meals and snacks, we regulate our blood sugar throughout the day, which in turn helps us maintain our productivity and reduce fatigue.
d. Studies have noted that fatigue can cause us to make poor eating decisions, causing us to have a negative feedback loop that destroys our health.

Tip #3: Cook your meals.
a. These meals do not have to be anything fancy, just something simple and fresh
b. Make a big batch and save some for later
c. Cooking makes us appreciate food more, makes us aware of what we are eating, and forces us to shop for wholesome grains, whole fruits, and whole vegetables.
d. By eating whole produce and grains, we get the proper nutrients and fiber our bodies need for good health.
e. Also, the fiber in these whole products helps us regulate our metabolism throughout the day.
f. Satisfy your cravings with a leafy green salad loaded with crunchy, orange carrots, green bell peppers, and grilled cauliflower.
g. Also, experiment with foods and add a variety of colors and textures to meals. Add some herbs and spices to stimulate our senses.
h. Use frozen vegetables to limit the prep time

Tip #4: Don’t forget the drink –
a. Yes, a good drink is key, but keep it simple, stick with cold, clear, clean, hydrating pure water.
b. Not only will water quench your thirst, but it will also hydrate your body for optimal function.
c. So, keep the water bottle handy, put a note in the kitchen to sip water every hour, and have some with our meals.

Tip #5: Eat with others
a. Not only is it enjoyable to eat with other, but you will eat fewer calories, and end up nourishing your spirits at the same time. What a delightful treat!

Tip #6: Analyze for your foods triggers
a. Food triggers cause us to eat impulsively so learn what they are to keep these foods outside of our homes and to avoid these when we eat out, or shop.

Tip #7: Keep it slow and steady
a. After all, we, humans, are hardwired. So to make real changes, we must do them very slowly.
b. Make only one small change at a time, and once you have mastered this one change, add another one the following week.
c. For examples: add an extra glass of water daily in week one.
d. Once mastered, replace the crunchy chip habit with a crunchy apple.
e. And continue to add changes gradually. If we fail at our changes, just recognize this and start again. After all, if we fail occasionally, these are onetime events and do not constitute a real habit. Just being aware of our diet is a big win for us!

a. We should be grateful for being able to enjoy such amazing nourishments. Since most of us are privileged to have such blessings.

So in conclusion, I hope that my tips will help you as much as they have helped me.
a. After all diets and healthy eating are difficult tasks to manage.
b. But you have at least five chances a day to choose foods wisely.
c. I wish you the best in making the right choices for a healthy body and a healthy mind.